Saturday, December 24, 2011

Another D&D Blog!

Hi all, welcome to my new blog!
The purpose of this blog is simply to give me a creative outlet in which to share my thoughts on all things D&D and other "old school" RPG products.  I love the "creating" side of D&D, in particular, and I constantly work on D&D concepts, new monsters, new magic, etc.  But I've never had an outlet (other than my gaming table) to share these things.

I am currently gaming with a wonderful (but small) group of players - Jim and Adam.  Great guys and very solid, experienced players.  We have a great deal of fun.  We focus primarily on:
  • AD&D (1e)
  • B/X D&D
  • Occasionally, other games
Jim and I rotate DM'ing duties.  Currently, I'm DM'ing a 1e game and Jim is DM'ing a B/X game.  When I DM, my recent habit is to try to use almost 100% original monsters and magic items - using almost nothing from the Monster Manual or DMG.  It's been a lot of fun.

Well, I hope to make my first post soon about actual gaming ideas.


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