Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Magic Item - Elemental Essence

I really like thinking up good magic items ideas.  I believe that all magic items should be cool, unique, and completely new and surprising to the PC's.  You will not find a "+1 Longsword" in my dungeon, or a "Potion of Healing."  I believe items should either be (a) mysterious and unknown to the PC's, or (b) at least have a cool, subtle set of abilities.

Here is my first New Magic Item, Elemental Essence.

Elemental Essence:  This powerful powder enables a PC to summon an elemental to serve him.  If tossed into the air, it creates an Air Elemental.  If sprinkled over a flame, it creates a Fire Elemental.  If poured into water, it creates a Water Elemental.  If mixed into some soil it creates an Earth Elemental.  These are of the weakest (8 HD) variety.  They last for the length of a standard potion.  Once the elemental is summoned, it will only serve faithfully if the summoner rolls at or under his level on a D6 (for a multi-class PC, his highest level).  If the roll is failed, the elemental will go berserk, attacking friend and foe alike.  Therefore, a PC of 6th level or higher will always control the elemental.  If two doses of Essence are combined, it will create a 16 HD Elemental, but the “Control” roll will be on a d10 instead of d6. XP: 600.

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