Monday, December 26, 2011

New Monster - Automaton

My first new monster I will introduce is the Automaton, basically a much weaker version of the Golem.  These guys can be very handy for introducing mindless guardians for lower-level PC's if you are tired of using the obligatory skeletons and zombies.  And they will be a nice little change of pace.

                                                Metal                Stone                 Flesh
FREQUENCY:                            Rare                Rare                   Rare                            
NO. APPEARING:                      1-6 (varies)        1-6 (varies)          1-6 (varies)                   
ARMOR CLASS:                        2                      5                        8
MOVE:                                      6”                     8”                       10”
HIT DICE:                                   4                      3                        2                                 
% IN LAIR:                                 90%                  90%                   90%                             
TREASURE TYPE:                     Nil                     Nil                      Nil
NO. OF ATTACKS:                     1                       1                        1                                 
DAMAGE/ATTACK:                    1-10                   1-8                     1-6 or weapon type      
SPECIAL ATTACKS:                  Nil                      Nil                      Nil                               
SPECIAL DEFENSES:               See below           See below           See below                    
MAGIC RESISTANCE:               Standard              Standard             Standard                      
INTELLIGENCE:                         Non-                    Non-                   Non-                            
ALIGNMENT:                             Neutral                 Neutral               Neutral
SIZE:                                         S (4’ tall)              S (4’ tall)            S (4’ tall)                       
XP:                                            175 + 4/hp           120 + 3/hp          73 + 2/hp
Automatons are magically created entities, mindless except to follow the simple commands of their creator.  They are similar to golems, but much cheaper and faster to construct – and much less powerful.  They are often used as guards or soldiers, as they are emotionless and without remorse.  They look like 4’ tall warriors constructed of shiny metal, rough stone, or sewn-together flesh.

All automatons are immune to mind-altering spells.

Metal Automatons take ½ damage from bladed weapons and fire-based attacks.  Electrical attacks destroy them instantly.
Stone Automatons take ½ damage from bladed weapons and fire-based attacks.  Stone to mud destroys them instantly.
Flesh Automatons regenerate 2hp per melee round, starting the round after being initially damaged.  Flesh automatons are also able to use melee and missile weapons.

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