Saturday, January 28, 2012

+3 Magic War Hammer: Ever Given it Out?

In OD&D and Holmes, one of the stated advantages of being a dwarf is that they are the only ones who can wield the +3 Magic War Hammer.

My take has always been: uh, ok... that's nice... I suppose... but pretty damn specific!  :)

But it recently occurred to me that this could be a prime role playing opportunity for a high level dwarf - getting that damn +3 Magic War Hammer!

Has anyone ever given one out in a game of OD&D or Holmes and weaved it into the campaign as a nice opportunity for a quest or even a dwarven obsession?


  1. It is a focus in 2 different OD&D campaigns I am running. In one, it is in a dragon hoard and they have been piecing together rumors, in the other it is in the hands of a legendary dwarf hero gobe bad. After all, once a dwarf hits level 6, what else is there for him?

  2. Sweet! Cool stuff. And I'm envious that you're running two OD&D campaigns.

  3. 'Endless Tunnels of Elandin' is a module I downloaded from DF and I noticed the prominent + 3 Dwarven Axe. NOW I know where it came from...

  4. I let the dice fall where they may for a few random items available in Kelvin and guess what came up? The dwarf is spending just about every copper he has on the thing, but it's all good.

  5. That's really cool! My friend is like that when he DMs. It can lead to some pretty fun results.