Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Magic Item - I Love Me Some Leather

Yes, nothing like the feeling of taut leather on bare skin... mmmmm.... oh, wait, that's a topic for my other blog.  ;-)

In this case, I'm introducing a couple of magical pieces of leather armor.  Perfect for your thief or multi-classer who wants his own magic armor and is sick and tired of "+1 Leather." 

Spider Armor: This bright maroon leather is +1 leather armor, but grants the wearer +3 on all saves vs. poison, allows the wearer to climb walls like a thief of the same level, and reduces falling damage by 50%.  If a Thief wears this armor, his Climb Walls increases by 3 levels of experience.  XP: 800.

Leather Armor, Displacer: This is +1 leather armor, but for 6 rounds per day it can cause the wearer to become “displaced.”  When displaced, the wearer appears to be 3’ (ahead, behind, left, right) his actual position.  All attacks against him are at -2 to hit.  Additionally, the wearer receives +2 on all saves when displaced.  XP: 1000.


  1. Nice. Maybe a reason to hunt displacer beasts so that you can get the skin made into armor by the right NPC (the finding of which would be another task). I would probably make it not +1 (that is, AC as normal leather) and just have the displacing ability. At least, for the kind that you can get made.

  2. I have a feeling that my post on Hand Armor is right up your metaphorical alley.

    Thanks for the follow!

  3. @ Brendan - you come up with some creative stuff! It's cool that you find posts you like and give it that extra spin. I never thought of hunting displacer beasts. :)

    @ Erin - no problem. Thank you! Your blog looks like a lot of fun. And the Hand Armor is disturbing and cool! And of course - thanks for the link to the Janet Jackson cover. My morning has improved immeasurably.

  4. Hmm my FLAILSNAILS character could do with some of that spider armour.

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