Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Magic Item - Thieving Potions

In continuing with my thief theme (see post on alternate thief rules), here are some good temporary magic items just for the sneaky buggers.  Hey, why should fighters have all the fun with Potions of Heroism and Super Heroism?  Your thief needs something in his back pocket too.  These Potions will put a smile on the face of any thief and give him that extra boost when he needs to be his sneaky best!

Potion of Thievery (T): When quaffed by a thief, he gets a temporary increase in life energy levels if he has fewer than 10 levels of experience, as shown below:
·         1st-3rd Level Thief gains 3 levels and 3d6+1 temporary hit points
·         4th – 6th Level Thief: gains 2 levels and 2d6+2 hp
·         7th – 9th Level Thief: gains 1 level and 1d6+3 hp
The thief will fight and thieve at the new levels for the duration of the potion (bonus only applies to combat table and thief skill table).  Any damage taken is taken from the temporary hit points first.  Only thieves can use this potion.  XP: 300.

Potion of Super Thievery (T): This acts the same as a Potion of Thievery except it can be used by Thieves of fewer than 13 levels:
·         1st-3rd Level Thief gains 5 levels and 4d6+1 for temporary hit points
·         4th – 6th Level: gains 4 levels and 3d6+2 hp
·         7th – 9th Level: gains 3 levels and 2d6+3 hp
·         10th – 12th Level: gains 2 levels and 1d6+4 hp
Unlike a standard potion, this potion only lasts for 5-30 melee rounds.  XP: 450.

NOTE: The additional hit points assume you're using AD&D or some other ruleset that gives thieves d6 hit points.  Adjust accordingly if this is not the case.


  1. Cool potions. The whole idea of "super-thievery" is something like out of a Silver Age comic.

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