Monday, January 2, 2012

New Monster - Baykok

I've decided that I'll introduce new monsters every Monday, and I will go in order from A to Z.  Last Monday was the Automaton.  Today's new monster is the Baykok - from native American legend - but adaptable to any locale or genre.

FREQUENCY:                            Very Rare                                                                     
NO. APPEARING:                      1-3                                                                  
ARMOR CLASS:                        4                                                         
MOVE:                                      9”/18”                                                  
HIT DICE:                                   6+2                                                                 
% IN LAIR:                                 30%                                                                 
TREASURE TYPE:                     C
NO. OF ATTACKS:                     1                                                                     
DAMAGE/ATTACK:                    Club for 2-12 or bow for 1-6 + paralyzation       
SPECIAL ATTACKS:                  Paralysis, terrifying cry                                                   
SPECIAL DEFENSES:               Immune to mind-affecting spells; ½ damage from bladed weapons         
MAGIC RESISTANCE:                Standard                                              
INTELLIGENCE:                         Average                                                                       
ALIGNMENT:                             Chaotic Evil       
SIZE:                                         M                                                                    
XP:                                            825 + 8/hp
Baykoks are a horrific form of sentient undead that were once great warriors in life but died a cruel and painful death resulting from treachery.  They appear as flying skeletons with glowing red eyes who utter terrifying cries before swooping from the sky.  They are always armed with a large spiked club and long bow.
Baykoks have a code of honor that causes them to challenge warriors first, since they believe warriors to be the most worthy adversaries.  Thus, fighting men of all types will be solely attacked until no more fighters are available to fight.  If no fighting men are available, the order of attack will be clerics, followed by thieves, followed by wizards.
The Baykok will attack first with its bow and then rush into melee.  Anyone struck by an arrow from the Baykok’s bow must save or be paralyzed for 3-18 rounds.  The bow loses its paralyzation ability when wielded by anyone besides the Baykok.  In melee, the Baykok uses a wicked spiked club.
Once per day, the Baykok can utter a horrifying shrill cry.  Such is the terror it induces that anyone within range must save vs. magic or cower in fear, which results in -2 penalties to attack rolls, damage rolls, and armor class for 3-12 rounds.
Baykoks are turned as Wraiths.  They take only ½ damage from bladed weapons.  They are immune to mind-altering and mind-controlling magic, including sleep.


  1. Very nice. They fill a gap between automatons and death knights.

  2. Thanks Anthony. Glad you like it.

    Next week I will try to fill the infamous Kobold to Purple Worm gap. :)

  3. A nice variation on the usual sort of undead tropes. Good stuff.

  4. Trey - thanks for visiting. Glad you like it. Yeah, I always like to find new undead. And I'm not a big fan of level-draining undead (for reasons that I may go into in a later post), so I try to find a different twist.