Monday, January 9, 2012

New Monster - Cobalt Ogre

This week's monster is the Cobalt Ogre.  He is a big, bad version of the regular ogre but without all the magic and weirdness of the ogre mage.  These guys are smart, tough and disciplined.  They make great overlords over regular ogres - or even top lieutenants for giant clans.  They are +6 damage with weapons, because I'm sick of the fact that every half-ass 1st level fighter in AD&D does as much (or more) damage than an Ogre!  And they don't wear Japanese armor or flowery pants!

OGRE, COBALT                 
FREQUENCY:                             Rare                                                                
NO. APPEARING:                        2-5                                                                  
ARMOR CLASS:                          3 with armor; 5 without                                                      
MOVE:                                        12”                                                                  
HIT DICE:                                     5+1                                                                 
% IN LAIR:                                   20%                                                                 
TREASURE TYPE:                       C
NO. OF ATTACKS:                       2 or 1                                                              
DAMAGE/ATTACK:                      1-8/1-8 or by weapon with +6 damage              
SPECIAL ATTACKS:                    Nil                                                       
SPECIAL DEFENSES:                 1/2 damage from magical attacks; +3 save vs. magic                              
MAGIC RESISTANCE:                  30%                                         
INTELLIGENCE:                           Average                                                                       
ALIGNMENT:                               Lawful Evil                                
SIZE:                                           L (9’ tall)                                                                       
XP:                                              350 + 6/hp

Cobalt ogres are a breed of highly intelligent, organized ogres who received their name from their sky-blue complexion.  They are superior in every way to standard ogres and despise their weaker cousins, always enslaving and dominating them.  Cobalt ogres are war-like and territorial, with conquest always on their minds.
Look at my muscles, girly men!

These creatures wear a form of black leather armor with metal plates, reducing their AC to 3.  Without the armor, their AC is 5.  In combat, they can either strike twice with clawed fists or wield a large, terrible weapon for +6 damage.  They favor finely crafted two-handed swords or exquisite battle axes.  They turn their noses up at crude weapons like clubs, stones and hammers.

Similar to dwarves, cobalt ogres don’t use magic and are highly resistant to it.  They only take ½ damage from magical attacks, and save at +3 vs. magic, in addition to 30% magic resistance.

Cobalt ogres look similar to ogres, but with pale blue skin, red eyes, and black armor.  Important Note: Cobalt ogres do not have an Asian-themed look!  In fact, they are expressly forbidden from wearing floral pantaloons, samurai garb or in any way looking like the Ogre Mage in the Monster Manual.

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