Monday, January 23, 2012

New Monster - Earthworm, Vile

Today is the "E" monster entry, and it's a good creepy critter to hound and harrass your PCs.  So far we have:
  • Automaton
  • Baykok
  • Cobalt Ogre
  • Deodanth
  • Earthworm, Vile

FREQUENCY:                            Rare                                                                
NO. APPEARING:                      2-12                                                                 
ARMOR CLASS:                        10                                                        
MOVE:                                      6” (3”)                                                              
HIT DICE:                                   4+1                                                                 
% IN LAIR:                                 20%                                                                 
TREASURE TYPE:                     See below
NO. OF ATTACKS:                     1                                                                     
DAMAGE/ATTACK:                    1-8                  
SPECIAL ATTACKS:                  Spit acid                                                           
SPECIAL DEFENSES:               Regenerate                              
MAGIC RESISTANCE:                Standard                                              
INTELLIGENCE:                         Semi-                                                               
ALIGNMENT:                             Neutral                        
SIZE:                                         L (6-8’ long)                                                                  
XP:                                            170 + 5/hp

Vile Earthworms are giant worms that burrow underground.  They typically live in fertile areas such as farmland, swamps, estuaries, or rich underground cave complexes.  They are voracious predators who attack without fear and fight to the death to gain a meal.

Their main attack form is a stout bite for 1d8 damage.  However, every three rounds they can spit acid up to a range of 3”, doing 2-12hp damage (1d6 if save is made) with no “to hit” roll required.  Although their AC is only 10, Worms regenerate all damage at a rate of 1-3hp per round.

No metal or wood treasure will be found in Vile Earthworm lairs since it will have been dissolved.  However, there is a 40% chance of finding 2-8 gems.