Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stoked About Pulpy Book Order

Well, I just thought I'd share my excitement at my book order today.  First, some context.  With the new year upon us, I have resolved to get much more knowledgeable of pulp fantasy and gothic horror because those genres have taken a back seat to straight fantasy for a long time and they really appeal to me.  (These are common New Year's resolutions for most people, aren't they?  Aren't they?)

To help realize this objective, just today I ordered books from three seminal authors in their genres:
  • HP Lovecraft
  • Clark Ashton Smith
  • Edgar Rice Burroughs
I've dabbled in HPL, but I've never even touched Smith or ERB.  And I find myself extraordinarily excited to finally get exposure to these authors!


  1. Thanks! And believe you me, Weird Adventures is in my Top 5 gaming wish list at the moment.

  2. I just recently read that Smith; it's a nice collection. You know, I grew up near Auburn in California (where he wrote), and did not even hear about Clark Ashton Smith until last year, despite the volume of fantasy I read as a teenager in the 90s. I even had a thing for necromancers. It mystifies me how I was somehow able to not come across his work. I didn't have much regard for pulp fantasy at the time; that's probably why.

    Also, if you have a decent ebook reader, most of the John Carter stories by Burroughs are now in the public domain (the first 5 or 6 at least). You can get very nice legal epubs of them here. I understand the appeal of paper though.

  3. Brendan - cool. I hadn't heard much about him until recently either.

    Funny that you grew up in Auburn. I worked there for a few years (commuted from Sacramento). Are you still in Northern CA?

  4. Oh, and I meant to add that I checked out your link for the free e-books. Very useful!

  5. Very nice on the "Princess of Mars" selection. I bought all of the Penguin Lovecraft editions a couple of years ago. I hadn't realize they'd done John Carter. More books for the shelf. :)

  6. Actually, I am now living in Toronto.