Monday, January 16, 2012

Weird - Posts Aren't Showing Up

Does anyone know why certain posts show up on other blogrolls and others don't?  For example, I made a post last night about Disneyland that appeared on various blogrolls.  And frankly, it was a so-so post.  Nothing special!  :)

But then I made a post this morning that I really liked about a re-tooling of the B/X Thief class.  I was hoping to generate some discussion and share my proposed fixes to the Thief class, but lo and behold - it didn't show up on any of the blogrolls that my posts normally show up on.  None.

So this posting is kind of a test to see if it will show up on the blogrolls - and kind of a question to see what causes certain posts to not appear. 

Has anyone run into this before?


  1. I've noticed up to a 90 minute delay on some of my posts hitting blogrolls over the last week or so. Blogger being Blogger I guess ;)

  2. Yeah, your thief post never made it to my RSS feed reader. Odd.

  3. Yeah, weird. I'm still trying to figure out Blogger. For example, my settings are to show up to 10 posts on my main page. Yet, right now my page only shows 2 posts - and then requires someone to hit "older posts." Oh well, I'll get there eventually! :)

  4. Blogger has been funky for the past week or so. I have a lot of trouble clicking through to comment or read comments on posts. Just blank white page that looks like it's finished loading. Ot it'll load and then snap to a blank page.

    Now today I'm having trouble giong directly to a Blogger post. Only going to the main page for each blog works.

    Other blogging services, like Wordpress, seem to work just fine.