Friday, January 27, 2012

What Do Your PCs Spend Their Money On?

I'm just looking for brainstorming here.  This topic came up in our Tuesday Night gaming group.  As your characters start to accumulate a war chest, what are they likely to spend it on?

Here's our list so far:
  • Basic equipment & armament
  • Lodging, tolls, travel, meals ("getting around")
  • Magic items (only to the extent you have a local "magic mart," something I'm not wild about)
  • Boozing & whoring
  • Clerical spells (like getting raised or curse removed by local temple)
  • Magical research - creating spells and magic items
  • Strongholds and castles
  • Temples and churches
  • Warships
  • Armies and followers
  • Opening up a business enterprise (God, this bores me!  But some gamers enjoy it)
What else am I missing?


  1. Paying bards to sing your praises.
    Bribing officials & winning elections.
    Public works like a damn, bridge or coliseum.
    Sponsoring galdiatorial games.
    Opening a magic school.
    Acquiring a library.
    Comissioning portaits and statues.
    Planting an orchard.

  2. Jesus, that is quite a list! I especially like the Gladitorial Games and Magic School. Methinks my list was a bit too mundane. Those are awesome goals, right up there with my own favorite of building and manning a warship and plundering the high seas.

  3. Hiring assassins cant be cheap.

  4. Taker - that's a good addition to the list! Assassin fees can range from in the 100's of gold pieces all the way up to 250,000 GP for a 15th level Assassin to take out a 16th level victim. Most of the time (for mid-level assassinations), it'll set you back 2,500 to 10,000 GP.

  5. Sacrifices, sponsoring hunts and tournaments, lab equipment, drugs, creature farming, sciency devices, engineering squads, sages and spies.

  6. Paul - thanks for the follow! I like your list. It's kind of gonzo, kind of steampunk. Love the sciency devices and creature farming!

  7. The PC's in my campaign spend a lot on fine food, good booze, fancy clothes,steeds, and furniture.