Wednesday, February 1, 2012

B/X - Monsters as PC's - Centaurs

Yesterday I looked at the Ogre as PC.  Today is the Centaur.

Centaur as PC

Possible Concept
A young Centaur soldier, fresh from the Centaur-Bugbear border wars, has galloped off (deserted?) looking for a fresh start; he no longer has a forest to go home to.
Hit Dice
CON +1; DEX +1; WIS -2 (no adjusted ability score can be >18 or <3)
Armor & Weapons
Centaur PCs naturally have AC 7; a mail shirt or breastplate (they can’t wear both) increases AC by -2; a shield increases AC by -1; barding increases AC by -2.  Centaurs cannot wear plate mail.  Centaurs can utilize any weapon.
Fast: Centaurs have a move rate of 180’ (150’ with barding); Dead-Eye: Centaurs are +1 to hit with missile weapons; Transportation: For short durations (a few turns), a Centaur can carry a man-sized rider (reduces speed by 30’)
Impetuous:  Centaurs are wild, emotional, and lustful; they are easily goaded into a fight or tempted; they save at -2 against charms and other mind-affecting spells; Clippity-Clop: Any party with a Centaur PC suffers a -1 penalty on surprise rolls indoors (dungeons, etc) due to the sound of hooves on flagstones; thus they only surprise opponents on a 1.
Level as Fighter (e.g., 2,000XP to hit 2nd level); no XP bonuses for ability scores
Save and combat as a Fighter
Weapon Damage
If using class-based variable weapon damage, Centaurs use the Fighter column
DM Advice
Centaurs are wild and uninhibited; this can get them in trouble in “civilized” areas.  They are often singled out for fights in human settlements, and they rarely back down.  However, they are known as stout and brave warriors and can likely find a place in a mercenary squad or party of adventurers.  Although most Centaurs prefer lush grasslands and dense forests, they are greedy by nature and will dungeon delve if the reward is high.  Certain rare centaurs have druidical spells (DM discretion).


  1. Nice. I like this better than the ogre. As a general rule, I prefer the "Free Peoples" to the "Monster Races." (Not the ogre is bad, mind you.)

    On the flip side, when I watched "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" for the first time, I had this thought that the veil dwarf would have fit nicely in Greyhawk; sort of like Obmi. :)

  2. I am really digging this series. :)

  3. Anthony - thanks! In fact, I like the Centaur a little better too. I need to go back and watch The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe again. Which one was Obmi? And what is a veil dwarf?

    Thanks Christian! And Loviatar rocks, man. I love reading those hex crawls. Cool artwork too.

  4. From reading bighara's post about centaurs over on Echoes From the Geekcave, I realized I didn't include hoof attacks for Centaur PC's.

    If I do, it may go something like this:
    "Centaurs can attack EITHER with a weapon or 2 hooves. The hooves deal 1d4/1d4 of damage. At 5th level and higher, they deal 1d6/1d6."

  5. 'Veil dwarf' is a result of my poor keyboarding. It's supposed to be 'evil.' :)

    Obmi is, well, Obmi From Canonfire (

    Obmi, sometimes called Lord Obmi, is a murderous mountain dwarf fighter and member of Iuz's Boneshadow. Originally from the Crystalmists, he is known as "the Hammer of Iuz" due to his use of the dwarven throwing hammer, and "Obmi the Wily" for his cunning.
    Obmi appears in the Gord the Rogue novels as an enemy of Gord, Leda, and Eclavdra....Obmi first appeared in Gary Gygax's original Castle Greyhawk campaign between 1972 and 1973, where he was placed in an old magical laboratory in the center of the third level of the dungeon. Gygax gave him boots of speed, a dwarven thrower, and several gnoll henchmen. He also had a magical device that shot a ray that teleported the PCs to another part of the dungeon if they failed their saves. After many unsuccessful attempts, the PCs (the Citadel of Eight) finally destroyed the device, but Obmi escaped. Their hatred of Obmi did not diminish.