Friday, February 10, 2012

B/X - Monsters as PC's - Lizard Men

Continuing the Monster as PC series, this one is a fairly straightforward class description.  I got off into the bizarre range with the Dragon and the Succubus.  The Lizard Man should be more "off the shelf" in terms of playability.

You can play around with the "Still Twitching" rule to make it playable with your own campaign house rules around death and unconsciousness.  The whole point is that they have that reptilian habit of not dying as quickly as you think they should.  :)

By the way, I REALLY like these Lizardmen minis from Otherworld.  Quite awesome!

Lizard Man as PC

Possible Concept
Lizard Men are prized as fighters and mercenaries due to their strength and quickness.  Lizard Men are Neutral by their nature.  They are carnivorous but not warlike.  In fact, many tribes of Lizard Men have alliances with human and elf settlements.  The only drawback to accepting a Lizard Man into your adventuring group is that they are carnivorous, and if food is in short supply their traveling companions may start to look like mutton chops!
Hit Dice
Ability Scores
STR +2; CON +1; DEX +1; INT -2; CHA -4
Armor & Weapons
Lizard Men have a natural AC of 7 at 1st Level due to their tough skin.  Their hide hardens and callouses as they age, increasing their AC as follows:
·         AC 6 at 5th Level
·         AC 5 at 9th Level
Lizard Men can still receive DEX bonuses to AC as well as use magical means (like Rings of Protection) to improve their AC.
Lizard Men can use Shields, but no other armor.
Lizard Men can use any weapon or a bite.  Strength bonuses apply to both forms of attack.  The bite does 1d6 damage, increasing to 1d6+1 at 3rd level.
Water Breathing: Lizard Men can breathe water and air; Still Twitching: Lizard Men can still fight for one round after being reduced to 0 hit points; they then fall unconscious; they die at –(Level +1) hit points.  Thus, a 3rd Level Lizard Man doesn’t die until he is at -4 hp.
Feared: Lizard Men are greatly feared due to their reptilian and carnivorous nature; any party with a Lizard Man receives a -2 Reaction Roll penalty.
Level as Dwarf (e.g., 2,200XP to hit 2nd level); no XP bonuses for ability scores; Lizard Man maximum level is 12th  
Save and combat as Fighter.
Weapon Damage
If using class-based variable weapon damage, Lizard Men do damage as a Fighter.
Magical Abilities
The Lizard Man PC isn’t particularly difficult to roleplay; however, the DM might have some fun opportunities arise when the party encounters bands of Lizard Men.  How will they react?  Also, many towns will not allow a Lizard Man inside its gates.  So this will present a challenge.


  1. Very cool. Fits the Lizard Man perfectly I think.

  2. Hey, I wanted to say I figured out why that dude wasn't happy with your picture. The D&D answer is here:

  3. Ha! That looks funny as hell, but I didn't get a chance to read the whole thing. I'm at this annoying place called work. I'll take a look tonight.

  4. One of my favorite races used to be the bakali of Taladas (the other mostly ignored continent in the Dragonlance world). They were from the swamp and cold-blooded, so I believe they had some vulnerability to cold. They also had nictitating eyelids which protected them from blinding attacks (or something).

    I have that Underworld Mini but I don't know how to put it together.


    Some time this year I'm going to figure it out though.

  5. One of my favorite NPCs was a Lizardman named Alex. He was captured as a child by a benevolent cleric, and raised and educated. (he wore eyeglasses). He was the traveling companion of a Paladin named Sampson, who was a disciple of the cleric.

    I ran Tomb of the Lizard King, and put a "Secret of NIMH" type spin on it. There were two factions of Lizardmen, one who wanted to live in peace with the humans, and another who wanted to war with them. Alex brokered a peace with those who would have it, and the rest were killed.

  6. Brendan - thanks for sending that writeup about the Bakalis. Pretty cool. I didn't even know those existed.

    Nicco - I love those kind of game stories. By the way, Tomb is an awesome modules. Sounds like you put a good spin on it.