Sunday, February 5, 2012

B/X - Monsters as PC's - Succubi

Pierce asked me to make my next Monster as PC pretty weird - like an Aboleth or something!  I couldn't quite get there, but I figured a Succubus would make a tasty treat!  ;-)  Read on:

Succubus as PC

Possible Concept
A young Succubus has been banished from Hades for the youthful folly of back-talking her master!  She is left roaming the Material Plane alone and angry.  Her only hope to get back to Hades is to win her master’s favor through the acquisition of *Insert Weird Evil Artifact Here.”  Her only goal is the acquisition of enough power and wealth to allow her to either steal or buy this artifact.
Hit Dice
Ability Scores
INT +3; WIS -3
Armor & Weapons
Succubi can’t use any form of armor or shield; their natural AC is as follows:
·         AC 4 at 1st level
·         AC 3 at 3rd level
·         AC 2 at 5th level
·         AC 1 at 7th level
·         AC 0 at 9th level
Succubi can still receive DEX bonuses to AC as well as use magical means (like Rings of Protection) to improve their AC.
Succubi can use any weapon.  They can also use their claws for 1d3/1d3.  Strength bonuses do apply for weapons, but not claw attacks.
Hard to Kill: Succubi take only ½ damage from non-magic weapons (round up); Succubi take only ½ damage from natural attacks by creatures of fewer hit dice than the Succubus.  Magic Resistance: Succubi gain +1 on saves vs. spells, wands, staves and rods at 1st level; this increases by an additional +1 every odd level.  Fly: Succubi can fly at a rate of 180’, although they are not strong enough to carry anyone besides a Halfling. Magical Abilities: see below under “Magical Abilities.”
Despised: Succubi are universally feared and despised; any party with a Succubus receives Reaction Roll penalties when facing intelligent foes (-3 for Lawful encounters; -2 for Neutral; -1 for Chaotic); Turnable: Succubi are turnable as Vampires; Evil: no Succubus can be Lawful or Neutral; it’s not in their nature.
Level as Magic User (e.g., 2,500XP to hit 2nd level); no XP bonuses for ability scores; Succubi maximum level is 12th  
Save as Magic User; combat as Thief
Weapon Damage
If using class-based variable weapon damage, Succubi do damage as a Thief
Magical Abilities
Succubi can perform each of the following abilities 1x per day:
·         1st Level: Shape change (to any medium sized humanoid); lasts until midnight or until dispelled by Succubus; then the Succubus reverts to her normal form
·         3rd Level: Cause Darkness, 5’ Radius
·         5th Level: Charm Person
·         7th Level: Become Ethereal for 3-18 rounds
·         9th Level: ESP
Thus, a 5th level Succubus can cast Shape Change, Cause Darkness, and Charm Person each once per day.
The Succubus is a very challenging monster to play as a PC!  The character will likely be under a great deal of stress to make sure they are not “found out” by the local temple.  Luckily, they can utilize shape change to help protect their identities.  They will be fearful of being turned or exorcised.  When faced with difficult situations, Succubi are not above using their feminine “charms” to influence people!  As they gain in levels, the DM can add some fun to the mix by creating encounters with demons and other entities – who will marvel at seeing this winged beast with a mortal adventuring party.  There really should be some kind of overarching goal for the Succubus character – something for them to work towards.


  1. That "possible concept" section totally sold me. I think I would probably tweak a few of the game mechanics though. Like, why the natural AC?

    Also, I would change to succubus/incubus. Sexism, man! Or maybe they are genderless and can assume either gender depending on the situation? That would make sense for the perfect seduction.

    The charm ability obviously has to be in there somewhere, but maybe add some sort of downside so that they are not using it every day? Maybe every time they use charm their demon lord becomes aware of them. Or something.

    Hmm, this is seeming more and more fun. I may make my own remix.


  2. Brendan - Thanks for your suggestions and comments. I shall address them in order:

    1. Glad you like the concept section.

    2. The reason for the natural AC is that I don't picture Succubi wearing armor and AC 9 is just too pathetic for a demon. Per the MM, Succubi have AC 0, so I figured a young Succubus could start out around AC 4 and "work up" to AC 0.

    3. I'm intrigued by your suggestion of "genderless." But for now, I will change it to Succubus/Incubus. (But I will NOT be posting any pics of "Hawt Incubi" on my blog; sexism be damned!)

    4. Are you thinking the daily charm is too powerful? Maybe I could make the Charm a very fleeting spell. Maybe give it a duration of a few turns or something.

    By the way, we have two Brendans in my family. So your name is easy to remember. :)

    1. I don't think the charm is too powerful per se, after all a magic-user could potentially use charm person once per day also. But I think it would be fun to complicate it somehow, both to make the ability unique, and to create hooks that either the player or referee could run with.

      Regarding power level, I think the only ability that might be problematic is the flight. That really changes the nature of what is possible for the party. In fact, gaining the fly spell is one of the points that many people think that the nature of a campaign changes.

      I did notice that you mitigated the flight by making it clear that others can't be carried, but still. Having a flying party member allows a group to circumvent many challenges that would otherwise be much more difficult. Carrying ropes over chasms, etc.

      The first time I read through this class I didn't notice the turnable as a vampire. That's a nice touch. In fact, it makes me wonder about how turning demons might be handled in general. It definitely seems like something that would fit the cleric. Worth some research perhaps.

    2. Interesting about the Fly ability. Magic Users don't normally get this until 5th level. I might be willing to say that a Succubus is still developing its wings in the early stages and can't fly immediately. Maybe make a Succubus wait until 3rd level. Anyway - good food for thought.

      In AD&D, "Minor Demons" can be turned. They are even tougher than a Lich to turn. And I'm not sure whether or not a Succubus is considered a minor demon. In any case, B/X doesn't even have demons/devils, so I figured I have creative license to make something up.

      Some day when I make my GD&D (George D&D) rules, I'll be glad I put a lot of this stuff on my blog to generate ideas and comments.

  3. Ha, very nice. I really like the series. I might take a stab at the Aboleth class :) What always strikes me about these sorts of things is how different the game would play if even 1 or 2 of the PCs were a nonstandard race.

  4. I have in the past run Charm as ending after the subject sleeps. Which later got negotiated to 'After sleeping, subjects gets a new save'. So, basically one person can be charmed at a time.

  5. Pierce, if you write it up I want to see it! :)

    Saroe - yeah, I would like to think only one victim at a time can be charmed. As written, the spell is awfully powerful in AD&D.

  6. Big - I was wondering if someone was going to notice. :) I think I will add that in like follows:

    *11th Level: A succubus gains the ability to drain a life level (no save) by kissing a victim squarely on the mouth. This is generally done to charmed (or Randy) opponents. In order to kiss an unwilling, un-charmed opponent the Succubus must successfully roll to hit with both claw attacks.

    1. What would the succubus gain from draining a level? A hit die worth of HP perhaps?

    2. Brendan - you're not suggesting a permanent hit die worth of HP, right? Because then a Succubus could just drain someone daily and become uber-powerful.

      I assume you mean it would heal wounds incurred. This could be interesting. Drain a level, revitalize 1d8 hit points. So if you're badly wounded in a dungeon, find some poor orc bastard, kiss him and get your hp back.

    3. Yes, exactly. Healing, not gaining a hit die.

  7. Would be interesting to see if a male player could play a Succubus character 'properly'? Worth seeing for the entertainment value alone :) Nice work, George - I like your thinking.