Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dragons at Dawn

I'm a hopeless buyer of RPGs - especially those that I would call OSR RPGs!  You know how squirrels get distracted by a nut?  Same with me for RPGs.

This is how quickly I ordered Dragons at Dawn:  First, the author (DH Boggs) recently started following my blog.  Naturally, I checked out his profile (as I do with all people who follow my blog) and discovered he wrote DAD.  So (like a squirrel) I meandered over to Lulu and perused the description and the reviews.  Frankly, this game has been on my list anyway.  So it was a pretty easy thing to hit "Buy Now" and even easier to log into Paypal and pay for it with my credit card.

I can't wait to read it, especially because it looks to give me a glimpse into how Dave Arneson ran things back in the early 70's.


  1. I've heard it has a nice spell component system too. Have not picked up a copy yet myself, though I am interested. Only so many hours per day, you know?

  2. I am HIGHLY INTERESTED in this product myself! Any thoughts yet?

    1. I've had so many new gaming products to look at the past few weeks that I've only skimmed around this book. So in all fairness, I can't evaluate it. Some of the things look cool, some look weird, but overall I can't assess it yet.

    2. Fair enough and I can totally relate to that. Too many products, not enough time...

  3. I am HIGHLY INTERESTED in this product myself! Any thoughts yet?
    Genting Crown