Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Magic Item - Dragon Scale Armor & Shield

This is my take on suits of armor and shields made from the scales of dragons.  In addition to A/C boosts, they are treated as magic armor for purposes of saving throws, even more so for their particular type of dragon.  E.g., wearing Red Dragon armor or shield grants tremendous bonuses against fire-based attacks.

I imagine this concept exists somewhere else in D&D, but I'm not aware of it.

Dragon Scale Armor & Shield (F/P/R, C): Dragon scale armor & shields are crafted out of dragon scales and powerfully enchanted to provide the highest protection.  Additionally, each type of dragon armor provides saving throw enhancement against whatever type of breath weapon is employed by the dragon.  For example, Red Dragon Scale Armor provides saving throw bonus against all fire-based attacks.  The armor class protection and saving throw bonus of dragon scale armor & shields are based on the age of the dragon according to the chart below:

AC (Armor)
AC (Shield)
Saving Throw vs. Selected Attack (fire, etc)
Armor Only: Saving Throw vs. Other Attacks
Armor XP
Shield XP
Very Young & Young
Sub-Adult & Young Adult
Adult & Old
Very Old & Ancient

Following is a list of what each dragon type provides save bonuses for:
·         Black = Acid
·         Blue = Lightning
·         Brass = Sleep & Fear
·         Bronze = Lightning
·         Copper = Acid & Slow
·         Gold = Fire & Poison
·         Green = Poison
·         Red = Fire
·         Silver = Cold & Paralysis
·         White = Cold
Note: If someone is wearing Armor & Shield of the same dragon type, the AC stacks but the saving throw bonus does not stack.  (e.g., wearing Armor & Shield of an Adult Black Dragon would provide AC -2, but only +5 save vs. acid, not +10).  Dragon scale armor (but not shield) still grants the standard saving throw enhancements like other magical armor as outlined in the DMG.


  1. Yeah I like this alot too. There was a old Dragon article about the concept of dragon armor but I haven't really seen much on the topic recently- except in Skyrim :) Nothing says badass quite like a dragon skin belt.

  2. Glad you guys like it. What is Skyrim?

  3. Skyrim is a recently released rpg game for xbox ps3 and computer. It is set in a harsh northern province and the main quest is to defeat the dragon god before he can reconquer the world.

    1. Sweet! I've never played a non-paper & pencil RPG game. Not even once. I don't say this like it's some great thing. Just a fact. Some day I'd like to try one out.

  4. I'm making a campaign setting where dragons are hunted, and this fits right in :)

    1. Nice! I'd like to see more about that campaign. Do you have it written up somewhere?