Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Magic Item - Were Wine

This next potion will have you howling at the full moon!

Were-Wine.  This magically enchanted wine tastes a bit like blood.  Upon drinking it, the PC transforms into a snarling Lycanthrope with all the stats and abilities of a normal Lycanthrope (including the ability to spread lycanthrope).  The PC immediately drops any shields, weapons, etc and attacks only with claws and fangs (except the wererat, who can use a weapon).  Stats: See Monster Manual.  Note that the PC gets average hit points for the Lycanthrope (e.g., 29 for a Weretiger) unless the PC normally has more hp, in which case he can keep his normal hp.  Note: the PC must strip out of armor or he will burst his armor asunder, taking 1d6 damage for non-metal armor and 2d6 damage for metal armor.  The PC still keeps his intelligence and is completely in control of his faculties.  Lycanthrope potions exist as follows:
·         Wererat: XP: 300 (HP: 15)
·         Werewolf: XP: 350 (HP: 21)
·         Wereboar: XP: 400 (HP: 25)
·         Weretiger: XP: 450 (HP: 29)
·         Werebear: XP: 500 (HP: 35)
Once the lycanthrope wears off, the PC returns to normal form with no further affects.

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