Thursday, February 2, 2012

Non-Gaming Post: Needing Some "Me Time"

As a guy with a job, a spouse, two teenagers, and a 1-year old I find myself with very little spare time.  And I really love my D&D hobby too (which I consider "me" time).  It's a serious challenge fitting everything in.  So today, I got up at 6:30 to get ready for work.  The schedule went something like this:
  • 6:30 - get up, shower, and eat
  • 7:30 - get the kids off to school
  • 8:00 - get to work
  • 5:00 - leave work
  • 6:00 - take my son to Doc appointment
  • 7:00 - take my daughter to gymnastics
  • 8:00 - cook dinner (tacos) while my wife watches the baby
  • 9:00 - watch the baby while my wife cleans the kitchen
I then made the mistake of yelling downstairs to my wife Lily - and I quote - "Damn, I can't freakin' BUY fifteen minutes of down time!  Shouldn't everyone have an hour of their own time each night to do as they please?  When can you come get the baby?  Are you almost done with the dishes?"

Well, this was the wrong thing to say to a frazzled spouse who has been doing MORE than I have all day long!  So she just kicked me out of the bedroom and told me to go visit the sofa.

Ironically, I now have some "me" time.  :-/

1 comment:

  1. Always on a loser with that comment. Cave time may be an essential need for a man, but it always comes across as selfish.
    Hope your time of exile on the sofa is over.