Friday, February 17, 2012

What Do You Do For a Living?

I'm just curious what most gamers do as their day job (if they're not so incredibly lucky and talented that they do RPG's full time for a JOB!).  :)

In my group:
  • I'm a Controller at an energy company
  • Adam is a Child Psychologist
  • Jim is an "I.T. Guy"
  • My other gaming buddy Ken is a Pediatric Nurse
I was talking to my buddy Adam who is a gamer and also in a band.  He said that most band members he meets are more "blue collar" and most gamers he meets are more "white collar."  Of course, that is a rough generalization just based on his individual experience.  I'm sure a good deal of the younger gamers are probably college students as well.



  1. I'm a Sergeant in largest police dept in America. My old gaming group (and still close group of friends) includes a VP at Bank of America, a reginal tech manager and a director of technology at one of the nation's largest accounting firms and a physical therapist. I think I set my sights to low for myself ;)

    1. No way, man! You are doing an incredibly important job.

  2. I'm a network engineer for a major hospital system. The rest of my group includes a cable-tv technician, a project manager, a warehouse clerk, and a GIS specialist.

  3. Union pipefitter/welder here. I'm one of the rare blue-collar gamers!

  4. I'm the I.T. director for a medium-size property management company. My group includes a lawyer, a pharma sales manager, a programmer, a teacher, and a retail sales person.

  5. I'm a librarian. My current gaming group consists of:
    two engineers
    one college student
    one stay-at-home/homeschooling dad (former teacher)
    one TSA agent
    one guy whose job description seems to involve giving safety training etc. for a traffic control company...not sure what his title is

    players on hiatus for various reasons include one baker, a quality inspector at a factory, and an unemployed college grad.

  6. I use ta' be a full time soldier, for 18 years, but was medically discharged after my 3rd deployment, since then I have been a student, getting certifications for a job in the IT field, something I did in the military.

    One guy at my table include a Salesman in a Electrical supply warehouse, he deals with electricians and contracts, plus delivers stuff every once in a while, he has a Degree in sociology, which he only used for a bit when he worked for Child Services, that job was to depressing for him...

    Another guy is a Truck driver doing short haul in state, he used to be a Aircraft body man back in the day, and later became a District Manager over several Restaurants, he likes driving the best it seems, but would rather became a full time writer.

    The last guy at the table is a retired RN (Registered Nurse), he worked in a State Hospital for the (not so) insane! He is a bit of a character and is enjoying retired life.


  7. I've made my living for the last 20 years in visual design. I worked for 2 years for I.C.E. as marketing graphics designer. I've done film, theater (including Broadway), tv, theme parks, shopping malls. Lately I've been doing visual merchandising for window displays.

    I put up some posts on my blog about my experience in the Halloween haunted house business

  8. I'm an expat English teacher (kindergarten). My gaming group consists of an expat English teacher, and expat English teacher, another expat English teacher, yet anther expat English teacher... I think you get the idea. As a group, we range from kindie to university, plus private institutes for various age groups.

  9. I am a marketing and proposal writer by "trade." At least, that's what I've been doing for most of my working life: creating proposals in response to Requests for Proposals as well as marketing brochures, press releases, web content, etc. I used to work for a design firm (Architecture/Urban Planning) but now I work for a large construction management firm. I have a BA in English and I'm happy to be making my living as a wordsmith (but sometimes the work makes me feel more like a word miner ;-). Sometimes I wonder if I should have worked harder to get into the gaming industry but there's no time for regrets. Anyway, the others in my gaming group are a school teacher, a forester, a visual artist, and a librarian.

  10. Interesting question - we've got a chiropractor, Cisco sales engineer, business development consultant, database programmer, video conferencing engineer, and an IT manager (me). And 2 kids in the group (ages 10 and 11).

  11. So far, we have 48 gamers accounted for! Some of the most common fields are:
    *9 people in I/T
    *7 people in Education (teachers/librarians)
    *5 people in Business/Finance/Marketing
    *5 people in Healthcare
    *5 people in Engineering/Technical
    *3 people in Union/Trades

    Interesting. This incredibly informal, unscientific survey does support my sense that there are a lot of I/T guys in gaming.

  12. my regualr D&D group includes:
    1 Technical Illustrator
    1 HVAC tech
    1 Gardener Land-scaper
    1 retired artist/cartographer
    2 highschool students

    the died last summer CoC campaign also had:
    1 Instructional Designer
    1 Optics Technician

    the Earthdawn game that is no more also had:
    2 I/T specialists
    1 photographer

  13. I'm a full time PhD student, formerly a senior Management Analyst for the city of Las Vegas. My former gaming group included a corporate attorney, a HR executive for a major health care company, senior IT manager at a gaming company and several IT professionals from techs on up to senior network admins. My new gaming group is more comprised of students (as its the world I'm in now) along with a department director at a major hospital and of course an IT guy. Also though I have two factory workers (gasp ... they still have those in America) in my new gaming group so perhaps I'm bucking the trend a bit.

  14. I do software development and project management for a finance company. All of the players in my current campaign are coworkers (we play in the board room), so needless to say they are all in IT as well (programmers, managers, and integration specialists). I have 7 players, so that is 8 more to add to the IT category.

  15. Lord of Excess: Factory workers? What are those? Glad to see we still make products here. :)

    Brendan - you are so lucky! How in the world do you find 7 other D&D gamers at a FINANCE COMPANY? Just saying. I'm a CPA and most Finance/Business guys I know don't play. Much less 7 at one company. :)

  16. Programmer here. My group has an "IT guy", an electronic document specialist, a clerical worker, and a vet. Occasional players include an "IT guy"/photographer and a lawyer.

  17. Palaeontologist. Not the dinosaur kind, the 'marine-invertebrates-crawling-about-on-the-sea-floor-at-the-dawn-of-multicellular-life' kind. So your kids have never heard of me.

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