Monday, March 19, 2012

At a Crossroads

Well, I've been blogging for nearly three months and I'm not sure if I will continue with this endeavor.  It's been fun, I've gotten to read some great blogs, I've picked up some awesome members, and I've learned a lot about old RPG's.  But I just don't know if I'm really making enough of a contribution to the OSR blogosphere to warrant the time investment of running a blog.

Also, I've noticed that my life has become much richer the past few weeks now that I've cut way down on my blogging.  I've been exercising, spending more time with Lily (my wife), and gotten other aspects of my life more organized.

This is also coming at a time of gaming changes.  The small (3-person) group that I've been gaming with for the past two years might be disbanding.  Jim announced a few days ago that he was leaving the group for various reasons related to gaming preferences.  None of it was personal or anything; it was a gaming thing.  And the other member, Adam, is taking a few weeks off to focus on his band.

So I'm now pondering where I want to take this whole gaming/blogging hobby of mine - which I do indeed love.  Will Adam and I just recruit a new member?  Will we try to get into someone else's game - maybe Pathfinder?  Will I get back into miniatures games, like Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game?  Or will Adam and I just run with a 2-person group?

One thing I have decided for sure is that I need to cut back significantly on my gaming/blogging time committment.  So this means:
1.  I will only be a player going forward, not a DM (at least for a while)
2.  I will continue to blog infrequently (or perhaps disband the blog)

Maybe the "sweet spot" will be getting into a long-term campaign where I'm just a player - and keeping up my blog for a couple posts per week.  I would really be jazzed about just "showing up" every week and rolling dice, and making a good blog post every few days about something that interests me.

One thing that's weird is that the last session our group played was our first Pendragon session!  Granted, there is no cause-and-affect with that.  It's just a weird coincidence.  I think the changing of the game brought a lot of Jim's feelings to the forefront and caused him to realize that he just wants something different with his gaming choices.

Anyway - I've really appreciated the support so far from the readers of this blog.  I've had so many intelligent, thoughtful commenters.  And not a single jerk.  Not even once.  Out of literally hundreds of comments on my blog post, not a single one of them has caused me annoyance or irked me. 

Thanks.  :)


  1. Balance is important. I decided early on that I would write blog posts only as much as I felt I had something to say, and then only when I would have fun saying it.

    I just made my first post today in almost a month. I'm not apologetic about it. I was just doing other stuff. Don't feel like you have to post every day in order to have a blog. That just isn't the case.

    As far as your contributions - if you are playing games and writing about your experiences, what else is there? I really enjoyed a lot of the stuff you've written personally.

    I hope you stick around, but not any more than you are comfortable with. Unless you are getting a check, it's all just for fun, right?

  2. I'll be sorry to see you go if you do decide to pack it in, George, I've really enjoyed reading your posts.

    But blogging is, indeed, time-consuming and that time has to come from somewhere. For it to be worthwhile, I think that blogging is something you need to enjoy for its own sake if you intend to keep it up over the long term.

  3. I don't think there's any standard of "contributing to the blogosphere" you're not making, George.

    There's no set standard of blogging frequency you have to reach either. A lot of people vary in their activity or do it in fits and starts.

    Whatever you decide, it's been good having you a part of the conversation.

  4. Daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

    Our RSS feed readers will be waiting.

  5. Definitely take a break if you need it. You have a fun blog, but my feeling is that it should be fun for you. Step back and just post when you feel like.

  6. Whatever. Just don't stop with the goth feature.

    Just kidding.


    Not really.

  7. Agreed with everything said. No need to disband the blog. Just update when you want. And as Digital Orc said, maybe keep the weekly goth girl, that alone is a big contribution. :)

  8. Hey there! You've made an impressive showing so far with the content you've put out, and you have more followers that me and I've been blogging since 2010. Though I know this shouldn't be about the number of followers and popularity contests, but I still think the followers go to where they see value. I myself have struggled with whether or not I add anything to the blogosphere, but after a while I realized that there are no rules here. You can blog as you see fit, and those who really like hearing from you will understand. I personally see my blog as being mostly for myself, to get out ideas, keep track of my feelings towards particular systems, log my gaming experiences/actual play, and generally as an outlet for whatever I'm feeling toward the hobby. So again, I wouldn't worry about being a "meaningful" member of the community. As far as many of us are concerned, anyone who is not a jerk and shares their experience openly, as you have done, is welcome. And please, don't feel the need to "burn down the blog" and delete. Anyway, best of luck and looking forward to hearing more.

  9. Thanks for the feedback and advice everyone! Appreciate it. In all likelihood I'll keep on blogging but at a reduced pace. And for the intellectual growth of my membership, the Goth Girl pics will continue. Remember, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. :-)

  10. Keep it up George! Just cut down if that's what works best for you. I have only been doing this for about a month and will have to slow down a lot. I am a professional zipline guide and my season is getting under way. In the end I do this mainly for myself to get some much needed practice on my underused writing skills. As a bonus however, is the fact that what you write can help another person, whether it makes them laugh, think or just showcases the hotness of Goth girls for them! Lol! I'm just kidding! You are a thoughtful person and your writing and ideas are an inspiration to me. I much rather read something from you every now and then than the alternative of nothing at all. I hope others will feel the same as I cut back my blog a bit. Be happy and do your best to make other peoples lives a bit better. I will never stop blogging on OSR stuff simply because it is an absolutely wonderful community.

    1. Thanks! And your blog is very cool. You came in and hit the ground running with an eclectic mix of topics, so it makes for an interesting, fun read. You're certainly right about this community. Good people.

  11. Dude, please keep the blog up. You don't have to post every day or every week or even every month. Post when you feel the need and time. In other words, whenever it suits you. There is no set pattern or even content. I have enjoyed what you have put out so far and the comments you've made on my blog. There are times when I have scaled back a tad and there will probably be times where I don't post for weeks at a time in the future.

  12. i hope to see you back when you have time.

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