Thursday, January 10, 2013

Large List of RPG Items for Sale

I've decided to sell off a bunch of my RPG products, so if you're interested either comment to this post or shoot me an email at

You can see I've posted this list over at the Classified section Dragonsfoot and received 3 or 4 very favorable comments about how fast I ship the items and how meticulously they're packed.  I'm also ebaying some of these books/products.

This isn't a fire sale.  I'm not desperate for cash.  Rather, I'm just cleaning out.  So maybe my desire to simplify means you can find a product you've been looking for.

These prices are negotiable, particularly if you buy multiple items.

Paypal only, unless you have a compelling reason to use a cashier's check and are OK with waiting the extra time for mailing, etc.


OD&D/BASIC D&D Rulebooks and Sets:
White Box set OCE 6th print VG $130: SOLD
Greyhawk Suppl I VG $40
Blackmoor Suppl II VG $36
Eldritch Wizardry Suppl III VF $50: SOLD
Gods Demigods & Heroes Suppl IV – FIRST PRINT VF $72: SOLD
Swords & Spells Suppl V FIRST PRINT VF $68: SOLD
Holmes Boxed Set Fine – the box is in very good condition and the rulebook is in fantastic shape, but I’m not 100% sure if the B2 module in the box came with it originally because it’s only in Good condition (but that’s easy to replace obviously) - $36
World of Greyhawk Folio G/VG $13: SOLD
DM Screen (Otus/Trampier cover art) VF $18: SOLD
Monster & Treasure Asst Levels 1-9 VG $9
Rogues Gallery Fine $9
Outdoor Survival board game Avalon Hill VF $18: SOLD

AD&D Rulebooks and Products:
AD&D Dungeon Master’s Guide Fine $18
AD&D Player’s Handbook Fine $17: SOLD
AD&D Monster Manual Fine $17: SOLD
AD&D Fiend Folio Fine $9
AD&D Monster Manual II Fine $9
AD&D Unearthed Arcana Fine $14
AD&D Greyhawk Adventures Fine $9
AD&D Oriental Adventures Fine $14
AD&D Wilderness Survival Guide Fine $9
AD&D Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide Fine $9
A&D Dragonlance Adventures Fine $9
AD&D Deities & Demigods NO CTHULHU Fine $9

D&D Adventure Modules (All Modules Fine unless otherwise noted):
A2 – Secret of the Slavers Stockade $14
A3 – Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords $14
A4 – In the Dungeons of the Slave Lords $9
B1 – In Search of the Unknown (Monochrome) $27 – really great condition
B3 – Palace of the Silver Princess (Green) $9
B4 – The Lost City (Would be Fine, except for a poorly done 3-hole punch job on inside booklet that looks homemade. So now I’d call it Very Good) $14
C2 – The Ghost Tower of Inverness – Good - $9
C3 – Lost Island of Castanamir $14: SOLD
C4 – To Find a King $14
C6 – The Official RPGA Handbook $9
CB2 – Conan Against Darkness $9
D1 – Descent Into the Depths of the Earth – Monochrome – G/VG – 1” tear in bottom of front cover $14
D2 – Shrine of the Kuo Toa – Monochrome - $14
D3 – Vault of the Drow – Monochrome - $18
DL1 – Dragons of Despair $9
DL2 – Dragons of Flame $9
DL3 – Dragons of Hope $9
DL4 – Dragons of Desolation $9
DL5 – Dragons of Mystery $9
EX1 – Dungeonland $9
EX2 – The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror $14
G1 – Steading of the Hill Giant Chief – Monochrome $18
G2 – Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl – Monochrome $18
G3 – Hall of the Fire Giant King – Monochrome $18
G1-2-3 – Against the Giants $18
I1 – Dweller of the Forbidden City $9
I2 – Tomb of the Lizard King $9
I3 – Pharaoh $9
I4 – Oasis of the White Palm $9
I5 – Lost Tomb of Martek $9
I6 – Ravenloft $18
I12 – Egg of the Phoenix – Very Good $35: SOLD
L1 – Secret of Bone Hill $9
L2 – The Assassin’s Knot $14
N1 – Against the Cult of the Reptile God $14
N4 – Treasure Hunt $14: SOLD
OA5 – Mad Monkey vs. the Dragon Claw $9
Q1 – Queen of the Demonweb Pits $9
S1 – Tomb of Horrors (Monochrome) $18: SOLD
S2 – White Plume Mountain (Monochrome) $18
S3 – Expedition to the Barrier Peaks $9
S4 – The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth $14
T1 – The Village of Hommlet $14
UK1 – Beyond the Crystal Cave $14: SOLD
UK2 – The Sentinel $9
UK3 – The Gauntlet $9
UK5 – Eye of the Serpent $9
X1 – The Isle of Dread (Blue) $4
X1 – The Isle of Dread (Red) $9
X2 – Castle Amber $9: SOLD
X3 – Curse of Xanathon $9
X4 – Master of the Desert Nomads $14
X5 – Temple of Death $14
X12 – Skarda’s Mirror $14
XL-1 – Quest for the Heartstone $9
WG4 – The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun $14
WG6 – The Isle of the Ape $23

Later Edition D&D Products:
AD&D 2nd Edition Book of Artifacts Fine $9
AD&D 2nd Edition High Level Campaigns Fine $9
AD&D 2nd Edition Dungeon Builder’s Guidebook VG $9
AD&D 2nd Edition Player’s Handbook Fine $9
AD&D 2nd Edition FRE3 Waterdeep Fine $9
AD&D 2nd Edition RA3 Touch of Death VG $9
D&D 4th Edition Martial Power Fine $9
D&D 4th Edition Scepter Tower of Spellgard Fine $9
D&D 4th Edition PHB Ranger Power Cards Fine $5: SOLD
D&D 4th Edition Martial Power Ranger Power Cards Fine $4

Other RPG Products:
Gamma World 2nd Ed Boxed Set Fine $40: SOLD
Gamma World GW2 Famine in Far Go Fine $9: SOLD
Gamma World GW1 Legions of Gold Fine $9: SOLD
Pathfinder Bestiary 2 Fine $18: SOLD
Pathfinder Inner Sea World Guide VG $23: SOLD
Pathfinder Module Godsmouth Heresy Fine $9
Pathfinder AP Souls for Smuggler’s Shiv Fine $9
Pathfinder Module Crypt of the Everflame Fine $9
Pathfinder Module Masks of the Living God Fine $9
Pathfinder GM Screen Fine $14
Arduin – The Arduin Grimoire VF $9: SOLD
Arduin – Welcome to Skull Tower VF $9: SOLD
Arduin – The Runes of Doom VF $9: SOLD
Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Ed Hero’s Handbook Fine $18: SOLD
Tunnels & Trolls v5.5 Rulebook VG $9
Hackmaster Basic Rulebook VG $14
Creature Collection (Sword & Sorcery) Fine $4: SOLD
Palladium RPG Core Rulebook (Red/Black cover) Good $14
Dragon Warriors Core Rulebook Fine $18
Metamorphosis Alpha Rulebook Fine $4: SOLD
King Arthur Pendragon 5th Edition VG $18: SOLD
Savage Worlds Deluxe Rulebook Fine $14

Newer “Community” Products (all in Fine condition unless otherwise noted):
Dungeon Alphabet $14: SOLD
Random Esoteric Creature Generator $5: SOLD
Weird Adventures $9: SOLD
Barbarians of Lemuria $9: SOLD
Dragons at Dawn $4: SOLD
B/X Companion $10: SOLD
Majestic Wilderlands $4 (the cover of this product somehow got stuck to the cover of Carcosa so these books’ covers got scraped up separating them – “Hey, you got your peanut butter in my chocolate!”)
Carcosa $15 (see Majestic Wilderlands explanation) – otherwise in great shape!: SOLD
DCC RPG – Virtually brand new $20: SOLD
RC3 Eruptor’s Vengeance – Pacesetter $4: SOLD
G4 Sanctum of the Stone Giant Lord $5: SOLD
G5 Curse of the Cloud Giant Queen $5: SOLD
G6 Forge of the Fomorian Smith Lord $5: SOLD

Magazines ($1.50 each; if you order a pile of them, I’ll definitely discount it):

DRAGON: 51, 82, 88, 91, 94, 95, 112 (x3), 116-118, 123 (x2), 124, 126 (x2), 127, 132, 141 (x2), 143 (x2), 144-46, 147 (x3), 149, 151-52, 153 (x3), 156 (x2), 157, 159-62, 164-65, 172, 174 (x2), 183, 197, 203 (x4), 204, 212, 232, 247.
DUNGEON: 44, 49, 81


  1. First your blog goes down. Now you're selling. What's going on?

  2. Actually, nothing bad or anything like that. I tend to get into things heavily for a couple years and then back away for a while. And then I'll get back into it again. As for selling my stuff, I can't even spin a good tale of financial woe. :) I just want to make more room on my shelf and I want to streamline. I realized that I only truly use about 5% to 10% of the books on my shelf. So I'm getting rid of things.

    In terms of a triggering event, I'd say it was my gaming group breaking up about 10 months ago. I haven't found anyone else I really want to game with. I've tried a couple groups but I didn't feel like the fit was very good. So I'm spending less and less time on gaming...

    Without a good local group to game with, I'm not too motivated to write or collect items.

    I keep hearing about gaming online on G+, but I don't even know how to get started with that.

    Thanks for asking - kind of a boring answer I suppose. :)

    1. Gaming on G+ is really pretty easy. Here's a good intro:

      There are tons of games, especially if you dig the FLAILSNAILS "bring your character to whatever world" paradigm. Most of the time, you can just post a "who is running tonight" question and find something on almost any day.

      Certainly worth trying at least a few times. Pretty much all of my gaming is now online, though I still miss in-person sometimes.

    2. Thanks Brendan. Maybe I'll give it a go. The FLAILSNAILS concept sounds cool.

  3. Whatever your next gaming step, I wish you the best of luck. I enjoyed reading your blog while it was going. I'll never forget your post about being frustrated at having no personal downtime. It struck a personal note.

    1. Thanks D.O! I enjoy reading your blog as well. Boy, you guys are making me seriously consider getting back into some kind of game, even if it's online...

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  6. By any chance do you still have the Palladium Core RPG Book with the red & black cover? Someone "permanently borrowed" mine years ago and I would like to get a replacement.

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