Monday, January 16, 2012

New Monster - Deodanth

This installment of New Monster Monday features my take on the Deodanth.  I first heard of the Deodanth through playing Arduin Grimoire.  To the best of my knowledge, Arduin copied this unabashedly from Jack Vance's Deodand from the Dying Earth series.  In both cases, these were evil, carnivorous, soulless predators built as muscular, handsome men.  They are cold blooded and view human prey the same way a cat might view a wounded bird.  I treat them as Demon-Elf crossbreeds.

FREQUENCY:                            Very Rare                                                                     
NO. APPEARING:                       3-18                                                                 
ARMOR CLASS:                         4                                                         
MOVE:                                      15”                                                      
HIT DICE:                                   5+2                                                                 
% IN LAIR:                                 10%                                                                 
TREASURE TYPE:                      F
NO. OF ATTACKS:                      2                                                                     
DAMAGE/ATTACK:                     1-8 or by weapon type +1                     
SPECIAL ATTACKS:                    Jump, always win initiative                                                
SPECIAL DEFENSES:                 Immune to mind-affecting spells                        
MAGIC RESISTANCE:                  40%                                         
INTELLIGENCE:                           Average to very                                                            
ALIGNMENT:                               Chaotic Evil                   
SIZE:                                           M (6-7’ tall)                                                                  
XP:                                              450 + 6/hp
Deodanths are a rare cross-breed between demons and elves, and are the embodiment of evil and sadism.  They are warlike and celebrate only brute strength and cruelty.  As a society they revel in martial skills, torture and killing.  They view lesser races as prey and often hunt them for mere sport. 
Due to their incredible dexterity and instincts, Deodanths always win initiative.  They can attack either with two claws for 1d8 or two weapons, or a combination of both.  If attacking by weapon, they get +1 damage due to their strength and suffer no penalties for using two weapons.  Prior to melee, Deodanths can leap up to 30’ and attack, automatically winning initiative and gaining an extra attack (3 that round) even against set pole-arms.  Once engaged in melee, they can no longer use that ability.  It can only be used as they first close to melee.
Due to their demonic heritage, Deodanths are 40% magic resistant and are immune to mind-altering and mind-controlling magic, including sleep. Under no circumstances can Deodanths cast spells.  They can’t use wands, staves, rods or scrolls.  They can use certain magic items, such as potions, rings, armor and weapons.
Although rarely encountered, there are certain Deodanth leaders who are even more strong, tough, fast and cruel than normal.  Some of these have up to 9 hit dice and attack with up to +4 damage!
Deodanths appear as tall (6-7’) humanoids with pointed ears and jet-black skin.  They have glowing red eyes and silver claws and fangs.  They are completely hairless and phenomenally muscled and sleek, almost cat-like in their movements.  Deodanths wear only light, scant clothing, if any at all. 


  1. Yeah, I like them too. Hey, I dig your name. You don't hear the term Brutorz too often! Those were the big mutated horses in Gamma World 2nd edition. Were they in the other editions too?

    1. 8 years later: Hi George! Do you still play? Particularly, do you still play Arduin Grimoire? I'd love to chat if you're still gaming.

  2. Hey George, yeah Brutorz Bill was my first Gamma World character. They started in first edition but were in later editions also. : )

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